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Presented by William I. Rosenblum, MD


This course is in two forms. One form is on the web; the other is on CD. From time to time the web course may be updated, and these updates will not appear on the CD until a new edition of the CD is issued. Please note that this course is titled NEUROPATHOLOGY FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS. Do not confuse it with another web-based course titled Neuropathology for RESIDENTS. The latter contains additional material not required for medical students.

To access this course on the web go to
then click on the link Neuropathology For Medical Students.



The chapters are listed as links below. Simply click on the link you wish to use.

Ch 1-Pathology of the Neuron and Its Processes - general review of the basic histopathology

Ch 2-Cytopathology of the Neuroglia - general review of basic histopathology

Ch 3-Cerebrovascular Disease: Pathology of Cerebral Infarction, Cerebral Hemorrhage and Cerebral Edema

Ch 4-Demyelinating diseases; Leukodystrophies; storage diseases of  either white matter or neurons.

First section--Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis [ADE]

Second section--Multiple Sclerosis 

Third section--Leukodystrophies - some storage diseases, lysosomal & peroxisomal disorders

Fourth section--Neuronal Lipidoses - storage diseases involving principally neurons rather than white matter [more lysosomal disorders]

Ch 5-Infections of nervous system

First section--General Features: Portals of Entry and Other General Information

Second section--Purulent infections - generally bacterial

Third section--Granulomatous infections - fungal, mycobacteria, treponema, etc.

Fourth section--Viral infections, Rickettsial Infections and Prion Diseases

Ch 6-Diseases of Basal Ganglia and Substantia Nigra - Parkinson's, Huntingtons

Ch 7-Developmental Disorders [congenital conditions]

Ch 8-Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma

Ch 9-Tumors of the Nervous System

Section one--Arising from Coverings of Brain, from Blood Vessels or Blood Cells

Section two--Arising from Cells of Brain Parenchyma

Section three--Metastatic Tumors

Section four--Arising from Intracranial Structures

Ch 10-Muscle Pathology

Ch 11-Dementias

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