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Toxicology Laboratory

Toxicology Laboratory, Department of Clinical Pathology
403 N. 13th St, Clinical Support Center (CSC Building) Room 620, Richmond, VA 23219
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 98-0165, Richmond, VA 23298-0165

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
Call Client Services 804-828-PATH (828-7284); 1-800-363-9234

Toxicology is the only clinical laboratory providing clinical and forensic toxicology services at VCU Health System. The toxicology laboratory is functionally divided into two laboratories. The clinical toxicology laboratory provides 24/7 routine therapeutic drug monitoring, rapid urine drug screening, and serum testing for alcohols and ethylene glycol. (See STAT lab PDF Logo for specific test information).

The forensic and specialty toxicology laboratory provides 9-5 services for complex clinical testing and chain of custody testing.

Forensic toxicology PDF Logo testing includes:

Complex clinical toxicology PDF Logo testing includes:

  • Pain Management
  • General Unknown Comprehensive Testing
  • Heavy Metals Testing
  • Substance Abuse Compliance Treatment Testing

In addition, the toxicology laboratory performs pharmaceutical testing for quality control, quality assurance, and drug diversion documentation.

All specimens submitted for forensic or drug diversion testing should be collected with external chain of custody documentation. The Forensic Toxicology Laboratory is secure with limited access, and all testing is performed under appropriate chain of custody.

The Clinical Pathology Receiving area is located on the MCV campus in the Clinical Support Center (CSC),
403 N. 13th Street, 6th floor Room 643.

The Forensic Toxicology Receiving area is located on the MCV campus in the Clinical Support Center (CSC), 403 N. 13th Street, 6th floor Room 626.

For further inquiry contact:

Alphonse Poklis, PhD, DABFT

Director of Toxicology
Alphonse Poklis, PhD, DABFT
Professor of Pathology
Office: (804) 828-0272; FAX: (804) 828-6156

Carl E. Wolf, MS, ABFT-FTS

Laboratory Supervisor
Carl E. Wolf, PhD, MS, ABFT-FTS
Office: (804) 828-4420; FAX: (804) 828-8166


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