Catherine I. Dumur, PhD

Associate Director of Molecular Diagnostics Division
Professor of Pathology 


Joseph D. Jakowski, MDCatherine I. Dumur, PhD has been on faculty in the Department of Pathology for over 10 years and has been the Associate Director of the Molecular Diagnostics laboratory since 2005.  Dr. Dumur is also the Co-Director of the institutional biorepository, the Tissue and Data Acquisition and Analysis Core (TDAAC), a Massey Cancer Center shared resource.

Dr. Dumur received her PhD from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina in the field of molecular biology of gestational trophoblastic diseases.  After completing two post-doctoral fellowships, one in the National Research Council (CONICET), Argentina; and the second one in the Department of Pathology, at VCU, Dr. Dumur joined the faculty in 2004.  She is also a member of Massey Cancer Center and an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, at VCU.

Dr. Dumur has been very involved in the implementation and study of cutting-edge high-complexity genomic technologies in the Molecular Diagnostics laboratory.  Specifically, she has been actively involved in the implementation of gene expression microarrays for the molecular profiling of neoplasms.  Dr. Dumur’s investigations are multidisciplinary in nature; she has effectively established collaborations within the School of Medicine here at VCU and in UVA, resulting in over 65 peer-reviewed publications and successful grant applications for extramural funding. 


More recently, Dr. Dumur has validated and implemented Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the detection of somatic mutations in actionable gene panels for targeted therapies.  This novel and disruptive technology is currently being applied to the therasnostics of solid tumors and will be expanded to other diseases in the near future. 

Dr. Dumur is a member of the American Association for Cancer Research and the Association for Molecular Pathology.  In the latter, she has served in the Nominating and the Program Committees as a Solid Tumor Subdivision representative.  Dr. Dumur also serves on the editorial board of Cancer Cytopathology.